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For Thaddeus Pall, it was a rare opportunity to openly express his support for President Donald Trump in liberal Madison.

As the men were leaving the bar for a member’s apartment, Pall, then 26, separated from the group to buy cigarettes.

In a later interview, Mc Innes told the reporter she should give up her career, that “you need to find a man,” and that she would run out of eggs if she did not get pregnant soon.

In Mc Innes’ view, there is a demand for men’s clubs like the Proud Boys because, “There’s a real war on masculinity in this country that starts in kindergarten and goes all the way to adulthood.

The men, all of them white and most in their 20s, had met online and were getting together for the first time.

After the beating, Pall tweeted a photo of his face and hands covered in blood.And it’s not natural.” The interviews were part of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism’s reporting for Documenting Hate, a project led by the nonprofit investigative news organization Pro Publica.More than 100 news outlets and other groups are collecting data and stories on hate and discrimination incidents for the project.The FBI has investigated the attack, which Pall said came after he and other Proud Boys members met at a Madison bar. But Pall, a former Madison resident who now lives in northern Michigan, said in an interview that he is no longer active in the Proud Boys, although he said the attack did not alter his feelings about the group. The Proud Boys were founded at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign by Gavin Mc Innes, a New York-based conservative online talk show host and co-founder of Vice Media who has since cut ties with the company.He estimates the membership at about 5,000 men nationwide.

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Alexandra Hall reports on the Proud Boys for Wisconsin Public Radio and about the ethics of covering controversial stories on The Morning Show.