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They could even be leading some Catholics to question the teachings of the Catholic Church, or even to abandon their faith altogether.

If so the writers of such articles may be culpable in leading people astray. According to many pundits, the tension in the Church today is palpable.

Confusion following Vatican II, poor Catechesis, the ideology of moral relativism that emerged following the 60s, or the anti-Catholic /anti-Christian secularism being espoused by so many in the media and in the education system, could all be contributing factors.

But the bottom line is far too many Catholics today disagree with Church teaching on abortion, euthanasia, contraception, fornication, cohabitation, homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and the newest stupidity – transgenderism.

At least 78% of Catholics are certainly confused about a very basic teaching: the importance of going to Mass on Sunday. Instead, let’s nit-pick AL, an exhortation that may actually help some of the 11 million divorced and remarried Catholics“Look marriage is in a bad way, and we all know this.

To put this into perspective, 57.9 million Catholics out of 74.2 million Catholics in the U. are not attending Mass on Sunday with any regularity. One of the clear things that Francis is trying to do is to apply the medicine of mercy, particularly in the west.

This is “a form of liberation theology which is Peronist rather than Marxist.” According to Rowland, Pope Francis favors the People’s Theology approach in some of his teachings. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland, agrees with Rowland’s assessment.

‘Besides, if we let these people take Communion it might confuse the faithful’ is not exactly the kind of reasoning one would expect from someone as scholarly as Pope St. Too many of the faithful today are very much, and have been for many years, in “error” and in a state of “confusion” about the indissolubility of marriage – and a number of other doctrines as well.Tell some of these dissidents that sex before marriage, cohabitation or contraception is sinful and the response you’re liable to get is, ‘Well, that’s your opinion.I happen to disagree.’ That’s moral relativism at work.I was very struck during the Synod at how different the problems were in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America.” It’s possible that the much-discussed footnote #351 in AL is merely referencing the same concerns expressed by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in 1994. Robert Fastiggi, Professor of Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, points out, the controversial Footnote #351 in AL may be a reference to #3 Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s 1994 essay, as then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, “Concerning some objections to the Church’s teaching on the reception of Holy Communion by Divorced and remarried members of the faithful:” “Admittedly, it cannot be excluded that mistakes occur in marriage cases.

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The fall-out from the stellar battles lands in parishes but Catholics who have not studied theology are unable to identify the origins of the bits of “space-junk” they encounter.” But it doesn’t end there.