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The world could be collapsing around your sociopathic girlfriend and she would calmly considering how best to profit. A woman once walked in on me removing my tampon in a public toilet. Another time, after an intense cross-examination of a witness (I was previously a lawyer because of course I was), the judge remarked that he had wanted to come back to check my pulse because I seemed so unnaturally calm. She Will Give Zero Shits Ever brought a girlfriend home only to have her get into a fight with your mom about how the government handled Benghazi?Sociopaths are in constant need of stimulation, so they enjoy risky and novel situations. This will not happen with your sociopath girlfriend. It doesn’t bother her in the slightest that the components of her phone were made by sweatshop child laborers. She understands that certain things are considered right and other things are considered wrong.What you’re likely to do is shrug and say, “She’s my kind of crazy.”After all, sociopaths can seem exciting, come off as deliciously deviant, and make great co-conspirators (example: that girl with the dragon tattoo).Plus, master manipulators are good at hiding their tracks.Maybe you’ve noticed that she has a cold indifference to one or more family members? You probably don’t really wish that the guy who cut you off were dead, so you should clarify that for her. She Will Be Hard to Describe Is your girlfriend vaguely ethnic?Does she have an accent that’s hard to put a finger on?

She Will Remain Calm Sociopaths have a super-human power to stay serene in even the most upsetting circumstances.

She may even have her own idea of what is good and bad behavior in herself and others.

But she doesn’t do moral outrage, which can actually be kind of nice.7.

Ultimately, she’ll vacillate between extremely charismatic and not.

As one sociopath observer remarked: “You know how to dance and sing in just the right way in just the right key to make others mesmerized by you.” Once in a while, she may take it just a bit too far, however, perhaps flirting with your boss while his wife stares daggers at her or making hilarious but highly inappropriate jokes about deformed babies.

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On the other hand, your sociopath girlfriend thinks you look ugly when you cry.

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